Gocha Chkadua


   Born 1964, Tbilisi,  Georgia.

   Gocha currently lives and works in New York City.

Gocha has gone a long way, both geographically and literally, in establishing himself as a unique inventor and designer.

After finishing High School, in1984-1985 Gocha travelled over 8,000 miles from Soviet Georgia to the Pacific port city  Vladivostok, Russia  to study in a prestigious medical school. While in Medical school he decide to pursue his childhood obsession – industrial invention and design. The price for his non-conformance was a two-year stint as a conscript soldier in the Soviet Union, at the time bogged down in Afghanistan.

    Eventually having found his way home to Georgia, he dropped out from Medical school. 1988-1993 Gocha Chkadua studied Industrial Design at the State Academy of Arts in Tbilisi.

   In 1996 he emigrated to the United States, first working on sets for  the Julie Taymor's famous Broadway production of the  play Green Bird.

 1998  Gocha worked at the  Minnesota Museum of Science, in Minneapolis  where he helped  to construct installations.  While there, his colleagues  branded him with the  nickname as “Problem Solver”.

   Among his more provocative creations  In 1999 was hand-made original magnetic smoking pipe made up of powerful magnets which could easily be disguised as an ordinary pendant.   The “Magnet-Pipe”  which was reviewed in various magazines around the world, including I.D. Magazine (International Design Magazine, April 2000), USA; LODOWN, Entertainment magazine, (Germany); BIOND, New Lifestyle Magazine, (June,2000,, Germany), Time Out,  (NY, 2000), and Spectator, (Japan).

   In 2001, Gocha founded his own first company, Gocha Chkadua Design. For over 10 years Gocha had been inventing  small objects using discarded found peaces of objects . He  invented various prototypes, including designs of household  items and  toys employing powerful magnets.


  Since 2010  Gocha has been working on Sculptures and Art installations in collaboration with his sister, the  painter Eteri Chkadua, with an emphasis on ecological themes.

   His first installation "My Yard", was displayed at the  Artisterium, Karvasla National Museum,  Tbilisi, Georgia in 2011.

   In 2012 his installation,  "Colors Insulting To Nature", was hosted by Gallery 151, in New York City. Same year another  installation "Bloom On the Edge" was displayed at the KOTE international art exhibition in Kingston, Jamaica.  In 2013,  installation "Alien Bloom" was part of  an "Unusual Exhibition" at the Museum of Literature, Tbilisi. 2014 -  Eteri and Gocha Chkadua Studio lounged unique toy-dart- jewelry  design--LoveBomb--at the  National  Museum stores of Blue Gallery and  Karvasla Museum, Tbilisi.



2016  Since January, Consulate of Georgia, New York, NY;

2014  Eteri and Gocha Chkadua Studio lounged unique toy-dart-jewelry design LuvBomb at the Blue                         Gallery, National Museum and Karvasla Museum, Tbilisi;

2013  An Unusual Exhibition, Museum of Literature, Tbilisi, Georgia;

          Bloom On The Edge, Kingston , Jamaica :

2012  Colors Insulting To Nature,  Gallery 151, in New York, NY,

2011  My Yard,  Artisterium, Karvasla National Museum,  Tbilisi, Georgia

1999  Designed unique Magnetic Pipe, which was reviewed in I.D. Magazine,  (International Design Magazine, April 2000):  Lowdown, entertainment magazine, Germany;  Blond, New Lifestyle Magazine, Germany, 2000; Time Out, NY, 2000, NY;  Spectator, Japan.


Group Exhibitions:

2018  Natural Proclivities, Fiterman Art Center, NY,  (Upcoming);

          East End Collected4, South Hampton Art Center, South Hampton, NY;

2017  Alien Bloom, Longhouse Reserve, East Hampton, NY

2015  APERTO 18, Venice, Italy.